Olongapo Bracelets

Those who served in the US Navy and US Marines in the 70’s and early 80’s will remember these much sought after stainless steel Olongapo watchbands which were worn by US Special Forces and those lucky enough to get their hands on one. These were rugged bracelets, customized with unit insignia or other badges. These quickly became the mark of a UDT member.

It has taken a few years to track down the source as manufacturing ceased after the closure of the US Naval Base in Subic Bay in the early 90’s. Now we can offer quality custom made and custom fit olongapos for the military watch afficionado.

Our bracelets are hand made by Jaffy Jurado, to your specification and measurements. Jaffy can customize your bracelet with any insignia or logo that you may need, in either stainless steel or brass. Some examples:

Jaffy also  has some fantastic scroll engraving designs if a military style is not required, email him fro details and patterns.


How does Jaffy make these? We have been promised spy pictures from his factory. Stay Tuned!


Prices?  $135 for a military style, $145 for a scroll design,  plus EMS Shipping Fees where applicable.  ($24 to the USA, $32 to most of EU), paypal preferred.

How to measure:

1.    Model /Watch manufacturer i.e. Citizen Aqua / Rolex Submariner

2.    Type of watch i.e. dress or diving/sports

3.    Lug to lug distance (Distance from one Pin on one side to the other Pin on the other side.  Measure from the bottom of the watch if done by tape measure, ruler, etc.)

4.    Watch pin or lug size. (Distance between the lugs where the pins are inserted).5.    Circumference of the purchaser’s wrist. We suggest using a piece of string snugly wrapped around your wrist and measured against a ruler)

6.    If name is required to be engraved on the inside, please provide text.

Watch band orders are placed once payment is received  via our paypal account. (billing info will be emailed to you)

To order please email Jaffy:   olongapobands@gmail.com